When you give, you give hope to the hopeless.

Two ways to send a tax-deductible gift:​

1. Give online

●  Click on “Donate Now." You will be taken to GSA, our 501c3 partners.

●  On the UB profile page, click "Donate."

●  On the donor page, click on the “Associate Support Account”

●  Designate that your gift is for “Unveiling Beauty” or

 "Unveiling Beauty - Media" or  "Unveiling Beauty -  Retreat"

 2.  Give via check

Please make your check out to “Unveiling Beauty,” 

(with “Unveiling Beauty” or "Unveiling Beauty - Media"

or  "Unveiling Beauty -  Retreaton the memo line).


Send it to:

Unveiling Beauty

75 Waneka Parkway

Lafayette, CO 80026


        Thank you for being part of building the Kingdom of God

                             in Arabian Gulf and the Muslim world