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Sahar SaeedAn Apostolic leader, Speaker,  Disciple-maker, Creator, Producer actor, Writer,  a founder and executive director for the Unveiling Beauty.

Sahar is a Kingdom Warrior from Saudi Arabia, She is passionate about Jesus and His Kingdom. She helps lead believers from the Arabian Gulf countries into an intimate relationship with Jesus, walk in freedom and authority as daughters of God,  and see His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. 

Unveiling Beauty is calling women  higher and encouraging them to walk in the Sprit.  - Galatians  5:16-26. We are passionate about inner healing, deliverance, transforming the mind, and seeking healing of the heart and soul.

Sahar is passionate about  the restoration of  the remnant of Israel, promoting the oneness between Arabs and Jews in Christ 

( Romans 11 and Zachariah 14 ).


Sahar visited Israel in 2022 and established relationships with local believers, both  Arabs and Jews. She currently partners with local churches and ministries there.

Faith Story

Sahar was raised in Saudi Arabia in a devout Shia family. She believed and faithfully practiced Islam. When she was seven years old, her dad passed away. Despite all the hardships she was facing, she had many encounters with Jesus as a little girl. Her family had zeal for Islam, and they raised her to follow the message of Shia Islam. In 2006, she came to the U.S. as an International  student and was introduced to the word of God &the truth of who Jesus is while attending university. Six years later,  she placed her faith in Christ and started immediately ministering to others in a number of different ways. Sahar has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and information systems from the California States systems.

Translation and Digital Marketing

For several years, Sahar has worked with Wycliffe  doing Bible translation in specific areas. In this role, she is responsible as the lead translator. She also oversees multiple websites and social media pages, managing all of the audio and visual production as well as the digital responders who engage with spiritual seekers who reach out.

Discipling Women

Since the day she met Jesus, she started sharing Jesus with other women and now continually disciples women who come to faith from Muslim families. She leads  a virtual church online and  holds disciple-making retreats and one-on ones through Unveiling Beauty.

الهدف من الدورة- سفراء المسيح.jpeg

Writing and Production

1) In 2019, Sahar produced the comedic internet mini-series Zahra’s New World .

She is in the final stages of writing a script for a feature length film to be shown online and on Netflix Global about a Saudi woman who comes to faith in Christ. 

2) Unveiling Beauty podcast:

 She is producing and uploading teaching, scriptures, and inspirational content in Arabic at:

3) Our Arabic website Please pass it to your Arabic speaking friends.

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