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Unveiling Beauty Projects

Daughters of the Kingdom - Virtual Discipleship

Unveiling Beauty exists to inspire and equip female believers from Arabian Gulf  counties to walk in their identities as daughters of God. The purpose of these virtual discipleship gatherings is to connect these believers with each other in order to create a better sense of community, encourage one another in the Lord, and build each other up in faith. 


Saudi women are personally involved in discipling  Arabian Gulf believers virtually.


The current need for this project is $55,000.

Unveiling Beauty Podcast

We have produced over 135 podcasts that have reached many believers in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf countries. There are many audio variations, including scripture reading, short teachings, spoken word, short devotionals, short prayers, and bits of wisdom and lessons learned from walking with Jesus.

The current need for this project is $40,000.

Unveiling Beauty Retreats

Unveiling Beauty retreats create a community of  sisterhood, trust, intimacy, love, and growth for female believers  from Muslim backgrounds (ages 20-45).


Leaving Islam behind and chasing after the Lord Jesus often means new believers will suffer many relational losses. Unveiling Beauty provides a safe place to connect with others and grow in the Lord. Each retreat is a time of worship, connection, counseling, teaching, and hanging out.


The retreat provides an environment that is conducive to prayer, fellowship, and rest. We also watch and pray for potential leaders among these women so that we can invest more deeply in them to raise up leaders, encouraging them to use their time, talents, and treasure for the Kingdom of God, boldly following the call that the Lord Jesus has placed in their hearts.

Our vision is to host both in person retreats and mini virtual retreats to further this vision.


For the United States Retreat, we need to raise $19,800.

For the Middle East retreats, we need to raise $25,964.

Bible Translation Project

Through our partnership with a significant Bible translation agency, we continue to translate more and more of God's Word into Saudi women's native dialect of Arabic. We believe that all Arabs should have access to the Bible not just in elevated Arabic (think Shakespeare and King James version speak), but in every day, colloquial Arabic language. This is the heart of the translation project. We also run ads to distribute God's word to people through social media.

The current need for this project is $33,000.

Book Project

This book is about one Saudi women's journey from the cradle of Islam to the heart of Christ will encourage other Muslim-raised converts to find their own faith amidst adversity. It will also inform American Christians of the unique cultural challenges that this minority group faces in today's churches. More than just a memoir, this testimony of feminine courage and Godly love will act as an important bridge between two seemingly divided faiths.


The current need for this project is $11,000.

Leadership Training Project

Through a 9-month Women’s Biblical Training Fellowship, we will disciple, train, and empower women influencers to grow deeper in their own faith and share the gospel message through online platforms. We will provide bi-monthly webinars, mentoring, homework, and online tools to guide them developing a personal ministry. Together, we will create an “action plan” and collaborate to reach our communities. We will share social media and podcast tools (along with other digital tools) to expand our outreach. This project will train and mobilize women to connect with seekers and believers, and direct them to secure networks.


The current need for this project is $89,500.

Taj62  Media - Film Project

Taj62 Media  is a faith-based media production company based in the US. 



There are many untold stories in the Middle East, especially in the Gulf region. At Taj62 Media , we get excited about the untapped potential of these stories. We are passionate about telling authentic stories of  men and women who have beautiful stories to be told.

Taj62 Media exists to produce film series and documentaries of varying Arab experiences, with a strong focus on Arabs with a Muslim Background. Our target audience are Arabic-speaking believers throughout the Middle East. There are many stories that have been hidden long enough; we’re here to bring them into the light.

Film Project

Vision and Synopsis


The story of Reemas is a fictional narrative of a young Saudi woman who comes to the West to go to college and become a fashion designer but ends up meeting Jesus and having her life forever transformed. The story highlights the aggregated common pathway to Jesus that so many Muslim spiritual seekers experience. 


The audience will see, hear, and experience the challenging, rewarding, sometimes funny, and sometimes dramatic journey to Jesus. Viewers will also get an inside glimpse at what a healthy house church looks like in the context of believers who come to faith out of Muslim families. Reemas will inspire viewers and illustrate to Muslim women and families how they, too, can have their lives transformed by Jesus.


Filled with engaging characters and a compelling storyline, viewers will come to understand the most common themes among Muslims who end up becoming followers of Jesus.


The film will be 85-95% Arabic. It is written by and designed specifically for Khaleeji (Arabian Gulf) women and families, but there will be a broad appeal across the Arabic speaking world.


The film will be 90-120 minutes long, designed first to be played on Global Netflix, and as many other digital and traditional film and television platforms as possible.


The Opportunity and Need


Many things are changing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the Gulf, and all across the Muslim world.


From a media perspective, Saudi now has movie theaters. Indigenous filmmakers and artists are rising up and producing more content. Many Saudis use VPNs to watch content on channels and platforms that are not openly available in the country.


KSA is changing socially and culturally. Women have been driving for the past two years for the first time in history. Female guardianship laws have been eliminated. There are progressive business initiatives being driven by the Crown Prince.


Spiritually speaking, many sources report that the numbers of spiritual seekers and Christ followers are increasing in KSA.


From our field research and in talking with other film professionals in the Middle East, it is clear that this is the time to increase high quality, gospel centered media content for not only KSA, but for all of the Middle East.


The story of Reemas is timely, compelling, and will connect with the hearts and minds of many Saudi women who have been living in an oppressive environment and are just now experiencing bits of freedom.


With the KSA society being in such a state of transition, this has stirred up the spiritual interests in the hearts of Saudis. We believe over the next 5-10 years, we could see more Saudis come to faith in the Lord Jesus than in the previous 1400 years combined.


The current financial need for phase one of development is $250,000.

Gather Project

Israel and Palestinians Reconciliation Project 

The current events in Israel and Palestine have been horrendous. The bloodshed and violence has marked the region for years now, and recently, tensions are increasing. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that Jewish and Palestinian believers come together and, through their unity, help facilitate peace processes on a broad and local scale. 

I, Sahar, grew up in an environment where animosity towards Israel prevailed. Embracing a perspective that God’s love extends to everyone, my heart underwent a profound shift towards Jewish people. This change has inspired me to embark on a journey of reconciliation and healing. During my travels last year, I cultivated relationships on both sides, fostering relationships with individuals who had a similar heart for unity. It has become clear to me that these connections might serve a greater purpose.

I envision conducting many meetings, virtually and in person, where the focus is on praying for the region. Currently, in my discipleship classes I hold, I bring up the topics of peace and the love of Jesus constantly, and that is what we will aim to do in these future meetings. As stated in Romans, we are commanded to love the people we are grafted into, and so my heart is to help Arabs love and pray for Jewish people, and furthermore, help them to learn how to share the Gospel with them. 

I have a special understanding of both sides: coming from an Arab, Muslim background, now as a believer, I aim to be a bridge of connection between the two.


We will carefully select and partner with other organizations and individuals whose hearts align with the mission. We aim to bless the region of Israel and Palestine with the reconciliation work, and to build connections between Jewish and Palestinian believers.

The current need for this project is $20,000.

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