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About The Founder

Sahar Saeed is a disciple-maker, creator, producer, writer, actor, and founder and  director of Unveiling Beauty - serving women who come from Muslim families.

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About Us

There are an estimated 10 million Christ followers from Muslim families in the world today, and that number continues to grow. Much of this population are women. Women, more often than men - especially in more patriarchal societies- tend to struggle with loneliness, isolation, and sometimes even retaliation from their families and friends in their new faith. 

Unveiling Beauty exists to offer a solution to the oftentimes difficult aftermath of becoming a believer in Jesus in the Arab Gulf region. We are passionate about creating a community  that offers encouragement, support, and further studies of the Bible for women who are new Christ followers.   

Unveiling Beauty equips Arab women to embrace their femininity, leverage their gifts, find their true identity in Christ, and walk in the freedom and confidence that is meant for them. We do this through many facets, including discipleship (one-on-one and in groups), media and content, networking, retreats, and more!

We are passionate about promoting the oneness between Arabs and Jews in Christ. ( Romans 11 and Zachariah 14).


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Discipleship | Media | Networking

Connection with other Christ-followers (one-on-one and in groups) is key for encouragement, connection, and ongoing growth
Hosting annual retreats for female believers in the Middle East

Bible translation in local dialects of Arabic

Biblical teaching and leadership  training for believers in the Middle East

Media resources/Content creation (social media, podcasts, films) to share the message of Christ to Muslims in the Arab Gulf region


Unveiling Beauty retreats create a community of sisterhood, trust intimacy, love, and growth for female believers  from Muslim backgrounds (ages 20-45).
Leaving Islam behind and chasing after the Lord Jesus often means new believers will suffer many relational losses. Unveiling Beauty provides a safe place to connect with others and grow in the Lord. Each retreat is a time of worship, connection, counseling, teaching, and hanging out.
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Three ways to send a tax-deductible gift:​

1. Give online​ - recurring monthly gifts & by projects:​

  • Click on “Donate Now." You will be taken to GSA, our 501c3 partners.

  • On the UB profile page, click "Donate."

  • On the donor page, click on the “Associate Support Account”

  • Designate that your gift is for “Unveiling Beauty”

  • Bible Translation Project

  • Discipleship -Daughters of the Kingdom

  • Unveiling Beauty Retreats

  • Unveiling Beauty Podcast 

  • Book project 

  • Film project 

  • Kingdom Leadership Training

  • Gather Project

2. Give via check​

Please make your check out to:


"Unveiling Beauty" on the memo line 

PO Box 20425
ulder, CO 80308

Please specify the project you want to give for in the memo line.


Thank you for being a part of building the Kingdom of God in the Arabian Gulf and the Muslim world

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